Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 12 - Dalkeith

Today Martin was following the B709, from Langholm to Innerleithen. He’s in good spirits, reporting how magnificent and fantastic the scenery has been. Although he has had another lonely day, seeing no cyclists and approximately 1 car every half an hour, he says the weather has been really good, no wind, warm but not too hot and generally clear. Today he has cycled 73.43 miles, and is staying on a campsite just outside of Dalkeith, which is 10 miles from Edinburgh town centre.
He arrived at the campsite at about 6.30pm, and learned that the shop there closed at six, so he would therefore not be able to pay for his stay this evening. From what the campsite owner told him, he sussed that if he got off to an early start in the morning, he might be able to get away with not having to pay at all, which would be great! Apparently, you pay at the shop, or when they come round to see you, so he’s hoping to avoid that situation!
He reports he’s experienced a good day, with his saddle soreness and knee problem slowly decreasing. However, he has developed a slight groin injury from pulled muscles, but says “It’s nothing serious, and it hasn’t affected me too much”, which is good. He feels he has done very well today, and is in good spirits, mainly because of the beautiful scenery.
Tomorrow, he will be cycling through Edinburgh city centre, hopefully seeing the castle and he says he will probably go down to the docks there as well. He will also see the Forth Road Bridge, which is another reason he is looking forward to tomorrow.
His lack of sleep and tiredness is catching up with Martin, as he has stopped and had a 5 minute nap by the roadside on a few occasions today. Tomorrow, he is hoping to see the Tibetan monastery, which he is also looking forward to. But for tonight, he has had a shower and some tea, and is aiming for an early night.


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