Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 2 - Holsworthy, east of Bude

The weather has been constantly misty today, so Martin has not seen anything of Cornwall's beauty, which has been a disappointment to him. The terrain has been tiring, with many steep hills and ravines one after another. Even so, he has cycled 68.42 miles today, ending the day in Devon at Derriton - a stone's throw from the town of Holsworthy which is east of Bude. He called from the garden of a very friendly lady he met this afternoon, which is where he had pitched his tent. I'm sure he said her name was England and her husband was Bluitt, though her son will hopefully email me if that's wrong. She was delivering pasties when she stopped to ask if he needed any help mapreading. After chatting for a while, she offered her garden as a campsite, and the use of her hosepipe to wash off all the accumulated mud and grit from the bike and its gears. The roads have been awash apparently. Because of the constant drizzle, Martin cannot wear his glasses and therefore mapreading is very laboured. He says the maps are not of much help at all anyway.
The Camel Trail was a good route to follow; at the end of the trail he met Mick Stretton who had moved down from Wembley (and that is positively the only reference to anything football-related in our house while he is away!) who posed for a photo with Martin beside a big metal fish.
He is finding the nutrition side of things to be working well, including 4 bananas today, and is feeling fit and strong, and in good spirits. He said he can feel his knee niggling, but it is not causing him any real pain or discomfort.


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