Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 1 - Land's End to Newquay

Packing away the tent and setting off at 7am, Martin has cycled 65.5 miles today, camping just outside Newquay at 6.30pm this evening. After a disturbed night - the Land's End fogwarning siren going off every 30 seconds close by, he got up to find that the weather was just as awful as the night before. He began by cycling to Land's End (the mileage yesterday was from the station at Penzance to where he camped) to begin the ride proper. Unfortunately there was no view of the sea because of the mist, and at 7am there was no-one about, so no fanfare to get him going. Route finding was very difficult through Cambourne, Redruth and Truro, even with the Sustrans map, and extra mileage has been clocked up already. Something rude was shouted at him by a youth in Redruth, and he could only reply silently as he was pedalling slowly uphill at the time! The terrain has been hard today - many hills coming very close together. The mist cleared during the day, though it was still overcast, but drizzle returned in the evening. A very nice shopkeeper in Newlyn wouldn't charge him for the three bananas he had selected, after Martin told him what he was doing and what it was raising money for. Cheeky monkey. Oh, and he also talked the campsite owner down from £14 to £6.80 this evening. That's my boy!
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