Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 10 - Raisbeck nr Orton

Apologies for the late publishing of this blog; after Martin called in the evening we went out to erect this message and bottle of sunscreen along his route so that he would see it on day 11, and we didn't get home until midnight.
He camped at New House Farm Raisbeck, approx. 10 miles from Appleby, after cycling 52.76 miles. The shorter mileage was because he lost an hour's cycling time whilst sorting out his saddle when he met up with his good friends Heb, Roger and Kirsten near Sedburgh. He said it gave him a real buzz seeing them, quite a tonic. It had been hard after they had gone, but it was worth the boost. The saddle he chose (from a selection of 5) cushioned the sore spots instantly, but he said only a week out of the saddle will heal the bruising properly. He jettisoned some items no longer required with one of his friends, who later told me that Martin looks a bit like a zebra - his arms are deeply tanned but his wrists, shoulders and top of his face are white, though he has badly sunburnt ears. He also looks a bit 'wild' with his whiskers! (Picture kindly sent by Heb.)
He met a cyclist on Malham Moor, Peter, who was supporting friends walking the Pennine Way. During another lonely day, it was good to see Peter, who works for Transport London, setting up cycleways in London.
The Scenery has been the highlight of his journey; today's being on a par superlative wise with yesterday's. He compared it to being a drug. There was a steep climb out of Malham, coupled with a fierce headwind this morning, and a hard incline out of Ingleton. The temperature was 'boiling'- so much so that the tar was melting on the roads. Half way through the day he found a seat by the roadside and stopped for a 5 minute nap. Stunning blue skies all day, lush green fields, limestone walls and little enclosures; he said you'd never see the Yorkshire Dales looking more beautiful. He stopped earlier to set up camp, to give himself more of a rest this evening, which would pay dividends tomorrow, the cumulative effects of the weather, mileage and short sleeps having caught up with him.


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