Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day 6 - Feckenham

Good news: Martin is feeling much better today; much more positive. He is still saddle sore, owing to the raising of his saddle to alleviate strain on his knee. Having worked out the cause, he can now decide how to sort out the problem. He purchased some Sudocreme to ease the discomfort – used to work wonders on nappy rash! The knee is still O.K. He still has a slightly upset stomach and is putting it down to the drink compound, as he hasn’t eaten bananas for two days.
He has progressed a further 67.18 miles, finishing the day at Feckenham (east of Worcester, just below Redditch). The weather today has been bright and sunny but still with that northerly breeze.
He was nearing the end of today’s mileage without a place to camp, when he met a cyclist coming in the opposite direction. Martin stopped him to ask if he knew of anywhere, and after a brief explanation of what he was doing, was offered the use of the cyclist’s garden (and swimming pool) nearby. Peter and Liz Teisen furnished Martin with a delicious meal, and offered the use of their shower in the morning. He has asked me to explain how indebted he is to people like Peter and Liz, Chris House, England & Bluitt and Charlotte & Warwick Jones for their generous hospitality and friendliness, and how grateful he is.
He is not looking forward to tomorrow’s journey – through Birmingham, West Bromwich and Walsall. It will be a bit of a slog, but the promise of the Malvern Hills should spur him on. Hopefully he will be able to buy some new brake blocks, which took a severe hammering in the first couple of days, with all those hills in Cornwall.


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