Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 4 - Glastonbury

79.07 miles cycled today, in “ideal cycling weather” – dry and bright. Martin is camping tonight in another farm field, courtesy of Chris House – the friendly farmer of Bryndham Farm just past Glastonbury Tor. Martin says he is in his element, doing what he does best; just him against the elements with steely determination! He seems to have a dip in energy levels in the afternoons, but regains tempo towards the evening when he piles on the miles. This is helped by the ‘high 5’ drink compound, after which he says he could cycle up Everest. Don't even think about it, hubby!
He has enjoyed cycling along the canals today, eating the contents of Naomi’s goodie bag beside the Great Western Canal; and inspecting the various long boats and locks. He ‘meandered from the map route’ shall we say, in Bridgewater and Taunton, but reiterated that the maps are not very helpful through towns.
He is appreciative of the wishes and emails I have passed on, and is boosted by everyone’s support. By way of reply, he says yes he is looking after his knee.
He is looking forward to seeing the Clifton suspension bridge tomorrow, then on to Bristol.


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