Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day 18 - John O'Groats

The eagle has landed! Martin cycled the last 39.61 miles to reach John O’Groats at four o’clock this afternoon.

I have been almost constantly on the telephone since then – everyone I know, and some I don’t know, has called to find out how Martin is doing. So there is no time left tonight to write the blog and get the children to bed. I will make a proper entry in the morning.

Briefly though, he hopes to be able to board the 6.22am train from Wick to end up in Carlisle at around 4.12pm. But it all hangs on whether he can get his bike on the train without prior reservation (and continue to board the bike at the stations where he has to change trains). He will call me in the morning to let me know what he is doing.


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