Friday, December 15, 2006

Pictures - Sunday 04 June 2006

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 18:27
Welcome to Langholm.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 17:56
Odd assortment of wheels and stone troughs. Note the flowerpot man sitting on the barrel.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 16:43
Approaching the Border Country. Strange coloured hay bales.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 13:04
The Pennine Cycleway crosses the C2C, near Renwick just beneath Hartside. Good memories of last years ride with my brother, Gordon.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 12:49
Looking towards my home in the Lake District. So near, yet so far.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 10:42
Pat Stephenson from Brampton. I met Pat just after Dufton and struggled to keep up with her!
She has since become a good friend.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 10:18
Ian Tyler - local mining historian and author of several books. Also a very good friend with a great sense of humour. A chance meeting in Dufton, Cumbria.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 09:59
The man with the yellow gear meets the woman in blue. Val James, on her way home to Holmfirth.

Sunday 04 June 2006 - 09:10
Signpost pointing to familiar territory. Dufton and Hilton, in particular, where I have spent many days underground, exploring old mine workings.


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